Yo Sushi Union Square Review update!

Yo Sushi is my usual go to place for sushi, it's the only place open on a Sunday for sushi and Japanese food in Aberdeen. Everywhere else is closed on Sundays, such as Yatai and Yorocobi.
Yo! are now doing their winter warming bowls, "Super Mega Bowls". They're basically large versions of some of the dishes on the main menu. I was excited to start with, I love bigger dishes! 

The whole experience was dire. We opted for Yo! Sushi as it was quick, and we were hungry. We arrived at 3.30pm so it wasn't busy. We were left at the door for 10 minutes, the manager walked past us a few times, and didn't say hello, or acknowledge us. It was as if she was expecting her staff to do it. She didn't even tell one of the staff to greet us either. One of the waitresses finally made her way over, and took us to a booth. The surrounding tables were messy, plates still left on the vacant tables. The seats I was told to sit on were not wiped down, crumbs all over, I made a point of brushing the seat before sitting. 

Anyways, we decided to go for the big bowls and a few smaller dishes. 
I opted for the beef teriyaki "bowl". And David had the Chicken Katsu "bowl". 
They were HUGE! I mean, the bowl was huge, and so was the rice portion, but the amount of "beef teriyaki" and "Chicken Katsu" was minimal. I.e the same portion as the small plates. Basically we paid £8 for a huge bowl of rice. 

The katsu was decent enough, fried panko coated chicken and curry sauce. But the beef teriyaki was awful. It was so sweet! teryaki isn't supposed to taste like that, it was also crispy fried beef too which made it worse. I had to drink a lot to get rid of the sticky sweet sauce taste from my mouth. 

The green tea we ordered was also just hot water! We were going to complain about it, but we were getting it free due to mega bowls deal, where you show the instagram picture and you get a soft drink free. The waitress however didn't realise there was a mega bowls deal! I mean come on! She asked the manager and she too didn't know there was a mega bowls instagram deal. Surely these places have a briefing with their staff.

The manager granted the deal, and just told the waitress to not charge us for it and she will "comp it later".

Time and time again this Yo! restaurant fails! I keep returning because it's the only one close to my flat. There's not many choices for Japanese food on Sundays other than the Yo! at Bon Accord, where they close at 5! or Wagamama's which is a joke to Japanese food. 
Last time I complained, I saw great improvements. The manager from Glasgow came up and sorted things. Service was great, etc, and they listened to the complaint. But now, a new manager is in, and it is a total mess! 

It took a long time to get attention when the button was pushed too. I noticed that our buzzer was broken, The light shows up, but no sound comes out of the speakers. To be honest, I didn't hear it at all during the whole time being there. 

There were good points to the experience, the belt was full of dishes! And the usual sashimi, desserts were fine. 
£5 worth of Sake maki, sake sashimi and sake sashimi...yum yum! I love raw fish!!

£4.30...rip off. But it tasted fine. Also had the anko mochi at £3.40. 

Honestly, due to bad service at the start, the lack of service when the button was pushed, the no tea green tea...this experience only gets a 2/5 hearts. The overall experience came to £35.40. We had the aloe vera juice and green tea taken off for the deal. 

I write reviews over and over for places I visit, especially if my experience changes each time. 


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