Festive season!

Hello :),
Is it really that time of year again? I can't believe it's been a year already since my Christmas in Stornoway. 
This year, I'm spending the festive period with my parents in Jedburgh . David is celebrating with his family in Coatbridge. Due to not being together for Christmas day, we decided to have our own Christmas on the 21st Dec. 
We decided to head to Edinburgh for a day before parting ways. it was a pretty long day. Our train from Aberdeen was at 9am, getting into Edinburgh at 11.30am. 
We had a million bags, and wanted to leave them in the left luggage section of the station, but it was £10 per bag!! That is crazy! Especially when we had two large cases, and two small bags to put in. We ended up leaving them in the self lockers at the bus station which was only £6.50 per big locker for 12 hours. 
I met my university friend Craig, who I've not seen in a long time. All three of us went for lunch at Hakataya on 122 Rose Street Lane South. A review will come later ^_^! It was nice. Then met another friend Stephen for a coffee. I dragged both David and Craig with me. 
Later during the evening, I met up with three awesome people who I used to work with at the zoo! It was so nice seeing them. 
I was so late meeting them! The nutter that I am, got on the wrong bus! I was down in Leith, and forgot that a certain bus didn't take me to Princes Street. I didn't notice until it was too late to jump off! D'oh! 

David and I parted ways just before 9pm after a Nando's. I managed to get first class tickets home to Newcastle which was awesome. Free drinks and sandwiches, boom! 
That was a pretty quick update about my journey back home! I could have written loads, but I'm short on time. 
Today (Christmas eve, eve!!), I spent most of it seeing people who I haven't seen in a long time! I saw my mum's friend who I used to see all the time as a kid! I remember her two kids being little kids and now they're fully grown teenagers! My last memory of them was when they were around 5 and 9 years old. Now they're 13 and 17! It was hard for my mind to accept! 
I then saw my Geh-Por :) which is my Grandma. Only briefly because she has a busy social life, and had to meet her friends for lunch. 
I then did a bit of a shop in Metro Centre, spending more money, oops! Treat my mother to a lunch at Ikuze, Japanese restaurant. I will review this too later in the year, or next year! It was tasty, and I had a lot of fun with my mother. 
Do we look alike? 
We had a bit of a fanny-round with the camera, as you can see with the photo above and below. No idea what we were doing!  
Looks tasty huh. Oh and that's my new owl sweater ^-^! I love it!!!  I'm actually scared to wash it, just incase I shrink it, create holes in it, dye it, or just plain ruin it =/! 

After our shop, we went to see another friend, who has just had their third baby girl!! Cuteness overload!

It's a little vain, but I actually LOVE this photo of me. I normally don't like my photo's and pick faults, but I love this one. Can't figure out why! 

Not a fan of this photo of myself, but check out her cheeky wee face ^-^! 

And now I am in Jedburgh. My mother drove up. All I wanted to do was nap as soon as I got into the cottage but, as ever, "you can't nap, you have to peel potatoes" .... nap or peel potatoes? Boo. 

My next update wont be until after Christmas day, or maybe Christmas evening. Hm, might be after new year, 
So, have a great holiday guys, enjoy your day what ever you will be doing! 

'till next time,


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