Ikuze Restaurant review

My mom and I decided to visit Ikuze during our shopping trip to the Metro Centre. The restaurant is located in "The Qube". 
The restaurant is really appealing to the eye, there's a nice water feature as you enter the restaurant, an open kitchen, and some awesome looking seats! 
The decor was really nice and modern. The best feature was the water background! 

Seats were kinda cool too, but rather hard to get in and out! Took the cushions with me as I got out. 

Green tea was served in a cute pot, but sadly it was bagged green tea! Nothing worse! It's not hard too get loose leaf tea which tastes so much better. 

I did the ordering, so ordered this for my mother. A salmon teriyaki bento box! It was HUGE! 
Top left: Miso soup, Top Middle: Ponzu, Top right: Egg fried rice
Bottom left: Salmon teriyaki, Bottom Middle: pickles and salad, Bottom Right: Dessert

I had the chicken katsu curry bento. Huge again. The same things as my mother's bento but different main part. 
The rice was too eggy! Plain rice would have been better, but of course that is my preference. The dessert was strange! Some sort of chocolate cookie thing inside an edible crispy wrapper...

Extras I ordered! Salmon skin maki! Yum I love salmon skin! It was tasty. Sad that they didn't give us pickled ginger, my mum's fave. 

Scallop sashimi. This wasn't so great. It didn't taste fresh. It states that they were hand dived, but I honestly don't think they were. 

They also didn't serve anything with plain soy sauce. They addressed the sauce with the sushi as "sashimi sauce!" but it was ponzu. It masks the taste of the raw scallop and the taste of the maki. 

It was a decent experience, but not the best. To be honest, it was way too westernised. Almost on par but slightly better than wagamama! 
My mum enjoyed it, and had a great time as you can see: 

Total bill came to £36.50. Not bad for the amount of food we ordered! Will definitely revisit, but wouldn't hurry back! 

3 out of 5 hearts

'till next time


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