Nudo Sushi Delivery Review

Nudo is located in Newcastle. They have a few branches. I didn't visit one in person, but decided to order online via Just Eat! It's really rare to get sushi delivered! Most of the time the sushi is terrible when delivered. But I decided to give it a go, because I love sushi!
Delivery time was 35 minutes, 10 minutes under their stated time which was great! 
How awesome does this look? Not only does the sushi look awesome, the presentation is awesome! The design of the boxes. They're really good quality boxes instead of those rubbish plastic sushi boxes. 

This is sweet potato salad. £2.50 
This was tasty when you got a soft piece. Some pieces had a hard skin on it so didn't taste as great. Too much sesame oil was used but overall it was nice. 

Salmon and avocado temaki. £1.95
So tasty, but it's hard to unwrap! The nori seems to be separated from the sushi rice and filling. I had to dismantle the whole thing. Removed the rice and fish, then the nori, and re-wrapped it. 

Tuna temaki. Tasty again, sushi rice is seasoned well. Again was hard to unwrap. £1.95

Grilled eel maki! So tasty! I love unagi! 8 pieces for £3! So cheap and so tasty!

Spicy tuna futomaki! 8 pieces, for £3.60. Really spicy but tasty! 

And sashimi! Tuna and Salmon! £5.80! So cheap! 5 pieces of each fish. 
The tuna was a little off...well wrong cut of the fish I assume, or they didn't slice it right. The texture was weird, chewy too. It left a bad taste in my mouth sadly. 
The salmon was fine. 

I was really impressed by the quality of food! My past experience with takeaway sushi have been awful. But this was fantastic. I wish I lived in Newcastle just for sushi delivery!! 

I can't wait to order again when I get my next sushi craving! :]!

5/5 hearts!!

'till next time,


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