Yo Sushi Gateshead Review!

As most of you know, I am a huge Yo Sushi fan. But each restaurant is different! 
My mum really wanted a Yo! fix, so we went for some lunch. The Yo! we chose was the one located in The Qube, in The Metro Centre, Gateshead. 
We went for lunch just after 12pm, so it was starting to get busy. Luckily we got there before a queue formed! 
We ordered two green teas. Mine was REALLY strong, so I must have been given the last from the machine. Luckily when I asked for a refill, it tasted normal ^-^!
Salmon sashimi. It tasted fine, but I really did not like the way the fish was cut. As you can see, it looks butchered more than sliced. Also really thin. I was saddened when I saw better sliced sashimi at the end of my meal on the belt. 

Duck gyoza. For some reason they couldn't fry them this time round, so they were steamed instead.

Beef tataki. Yummy! Could do with it a bit rarer ;]!

Salmon temaki. Better presentation that the Yo! in Aberdeen! But again the salmon inside was thin, and "butchered" 

Salmon and Yuzu salsa sashimi. Tasty! 

Takoyaki! Yum again! Can't go wrong with takoyaki really :]

Cheeky selfie with the mommabean. 

Overall it was a nice lunch. I enjoyed my time there. Staff were friendly, and were so quick to serve you after pushing the button!! Total bill: ~£25.

4/5 hearts for Yo! Sushi Qube, Metro Centre! 

Aberdeen Union Square should take tips from you guys! 
Lost a heart for the poorly sliced sashimi. 

'till next time,


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