Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a decent start to the year. 
I celebrated by watching Criminal Minds, and watching the bells on TV at midnight. I'm not a fan of big celebrations. I enjoy spending it with family, a quiet night in basically. 
This year, I spent it with David's family. We switched on BBC1/2 just before midnight to catch the fireworks in Edinburgh. We had a little liqueur, some fruit cake and shortbread when the bells went. then David did the "first foot in the door". Bringing with him a bottle of salt and beer...we had no coal or whisky :]!
On New Year's day itself, David and I slept in till very late ^-^ way to start the year! We then had a McDonalds...yeah not so new year friendly. We both haven't made resolutions. But are going to lose out winter fat once we start back at work on the 5th January. 
We had New Years Dinner with his parents, sister and boyfriend, brother and Grannie. 

Christmas turkey and gammon leak pie! 

Keylime pie! So good. This is my favourite dessert. Yum!

And cheese! You always have to have cheese! Yum!

We both look so weird here. Probably due to all the photographs that were taken. But hey ho, Happy New Year from the both of us :]!

'till next time,


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