Lush Cosmetics: Honey Trap Lip Balm Review

This is not a normal post for me! I don't usually post beauty reviews, but I came across a product that I absolutely love! Lush's Honey Trap Lip Balm
The lip balm itself comes in a small tin, which fits in the palm of your hand. I love the design! It's what made me want to buy it in the first place. The tin has a screw on lid, which can be a bit difficult at times. It might cause problems if you're out and about, I've dropped the lid a few times. I tend to buy with my eyes. If I don't like it after I've used it, I simply don't buy it again. 
The tin would probably last you a couple of months, depending on how much you apply. 
As you can see by the photo on the bottom right, there is a use by date! Mine was made on 16/12/2014, but runs out on 16/02/2015. I purchased this little tin in January, so I am a little annoyed that the use by date is only a month away. I don't use a lot of it, so this tin would last me more than two months. I'm pretty sure it'll be fine to use once I go past the date. 
The colour of the balm is off-white. It's a little grainy to the eye. It almost feels like a lip scrub before you apply! But once you apply it to the lips, the grains tend to "melt" away. the smell is lovely, it has some sort of a sweet smell. But there's not much taste wise. Maybe a hint of sugar. I can't taste or smell white chocolate. 

The balm contains "honey and oatmeal to "soothe" the lips. Wheatgerm, olive and almond oils moisturises. And beeswax and carnauba wax form a protective barrier" 

 A little of this product will go a long way. I find if you put too much on, it makes the lips a little tacky. I also find that I apply it every 30 minutes. So it doesn't last long on the lips - maybe I'm just too much of a "licker". 
The balm is expensive for what it is! £5.75 for an 8g tub. It's more expensive than carmex! Which is my next go to lip balm. I love this product due to the unique tin, aswell as the "girly" design. Carmex is a great lip balm, but it lacks the design and unique-ness! 
I hope to have this tin for a good few months (if I don't lose it!), it's working wonders for my lips! I might try the lip scrubs next, maybe their lip tints too! I also want to try Lush's tooth tablets...I find them highly interesting! 

This product gets a 4/5 hearts! 

It loses 1 heart due to the price and the use by date sadly. 

'till next time,


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