Week 1. Running Diary Day3!

Managed to go out for a run today. Mood today wasn't so great. I didn't want to go run, 
Sometimes it's very hard to drag yourself out there! It's only day 3, I might be in a lot of trouble if I'm thinking this now! 
After running, I am very glad I went for a run. I feel so much better for it. Much happier too. Thank you endorphin's! 
I pushed myself a little harder today, I aimed for 1.5 miles. Every run I do, I want to push myself just that little bit more, and aim to beat my last distance. 
According to the app I used, I tracked 1.36 miles, but it didn't track the first part of my run as it couldn't find the GPS signal. I mapped it manually, and it came to 1.46miles! 
This makes me feel happy. I'm so glad I forced myself to run today. :]!

'till next time,


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