Week 2. Running Diary Day 4

Today I went on a run with David. He makes a great running partner! I feel much more confident running when someone else is with me. We went on a walk into town first, had to buy a few things, so basically a 2 mile warm up. Then got home, shoved on our running gear and out we went. 
Sadly, my phone didn't track any of my run. Gutted! Not really sure what happened. Anyways, I managed to manually track it as soon as I got home. 

I went on a different route. So glad I did. There was a much nicer view. 
I really enjoyed this run, I didn't feel too out of shape. Ran a little faster with David by my side too. 
Going for a run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Working Thurs-Sat so won't have time before work, and don't want to be too tired working three double shifts. 

I signed up for a 10K! 12th April, hopefully I'll be able to run 6 miles easily by then. Going to be participating in the Stroke Resolution Run. I am also tempted to sign up for the Baker Hughes 10K in May too! 

'till next time,


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