Week 1. Running diary Day 1 and 2

So, recently I've taken up "running"...more like jogging when it comes to the pace I go. 
I haven't ran in about a year and a half, possibly longer, and even back then I gave up way to quick. This time though, I have the motivation from other people on social media!
 I have a few people on my Facebook who have been posting about their running, how many miles they've done etc, and it has spurred me to do the same. I also want to get fit...however long it takes. 

I bought some affordable running shoes (but not so affordable that they don't protect me). 3/4 running tights, a lightweight running jacket to start me off. I use the Endomondo app on my phone to track each run. 

My first run was on Monday 19th January. I aimed for a mile, but only hit 0.91 miles which is just short! I'm not very adventurous (yet) when it comes to my routes. I basically ran behind my apartment twice. Conditions were icy, so I definitely didn't do my best. 

I then went out again today! 21st January, and hit the mile mark! Woo hoo! 1.03 miles to be exact. I wasn't adventurous again. I ran up my street and back. But hey ho, I ran! 

I am currently a slow runner, as you can see with my 12 minute mile. But my aim is to go slow, then increasing my distance each time. Once I am able to run longer, I'll start challenging myself with personal bests. But right now, I'm enjoying the satisfaction of running a mile without dying or giving up. 

I guess I have to start somewhere. Maybe one day I'll end up doing a mile in under 8 minutes. Who knows. 

'till next time,


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