Week 2. Running Diary Day 6

I went on my third run this week. I can honestly say I really could not be bothered. I was tired. I didn't get to sleep until after 1 am. I finally forced myself to go after a lazy morning. Again, I am really glad that I did go! 

I hit two personal bests today! I pushed myself to run 2 miles, and ended up running just over, 2.2miles. Every little bit counts, soon I'll be running 2.5 miles! 
My other personal best was the time I ran it in! I averaged a pace of 9.41min/mile! That's faster than I have ever run...EVER! 

My goal of 5K by the end of week 4 is looking good! I'm pretty sure if I push harder I could reach 5K at a slower pace than today. 

'till next time


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