Can you believe that it's the February already? I'm pretty sure 2014 was only yesterday. That's probably due to the fact I keep writing 2014 on every important document before realising my mistake. 
I'm a little late to the band wagon but thought I would make my February goals. I think short term goals and resolutions are better than yearly ones. This month I want to increase my fitness, not just by running outside, but also by going to the gym 3 times a week. I aim to run at least twice a week outdoors, and gym 3 times. 
I also want to bake this month! February kicked off with my cornbread and corndogs. I'm on a healthy kick at the moment, so eating regular meals but reducing in my snacking. I used to go through whole bars of chocolate in less than half an hour. The big sized ones, not the small ones. I could go through multipacks of crisps and eat burger king and KFC for my lunch. It's a wonder how I was not obese!!! 
Luckily, I've been an okay weight all my life (apart from a baby, I was a chubby chub chub!). Right now I've gone through 4 weeks of "healthy" dieting. That's the longest I've gone without a binge of junk. The superbowl sunday was my treat day. I didn't eat an ounce of chocolate or crisps which I am surprised at. 
Anyways, February is all about my fitness and health. Also some baking mixed in there. I love baking, and adding things to my blog! Right now I'm on my second batch of corn bread, hoping it tastes better than my last! 

'till next time, 


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