I took a stroll to Asda one night to do a bit of a food shop and to see if there was anything worth buying. 
I came across this tinned meat free bolognese. I'm okay with tinned ready meals, but have never tried a meat free "soya" bolognese in a tin. 
The tin looks appealing, as there is a photo of what the contents look like. Each tin serves two people and weighs 392g. 

Appearance: The contents looked okay, and once heated and stirred looked like any other meat free bolognese. It even resembles the real deal. 
Smell: Almost like a chilli con carne. Not bad but it didn't really smell like bolognese
Texture: Quorn like. A little bit chewy at times. I think quorn feels better. 
Taste: Nothing like a bolognese. It was too bland. It also had a hint of sweetness. 
Price: £1
Where can I buy? Asda

2/5 hearts. 

'till next time 


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