Jack n Jill BBQ flavoured corn chips

I will be review a product that I bought from Matthew's Foods in Aberdeen. Jack n Jill Chippy bbq corn chips. 
Out of all the chips in this store, this one seemed the most substantial. I.e it didn't feel like it was full of air! 

Each chip is like a small tortilla! Small and bite sized. 

Appearance: The chips look appetizing. Once opened, you can tell how full the bag is. There's more chips than there is air. 
Smell: Not a strong BBQ flavour
Texture: Crunchy, tortilla like
Taste: Not too BBQ like. Almost a sweet flavour, but more of a corn chip taste. 
Price : 0.78p

Where can I buy? Matthew's foods, Aberdeen. Online. Other asian grocers! 
5/5 hearts!

'till next time


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