Wang Zai QQ Candy: Blueberry Flavour Review

I recently went to my nearest Asian market, and bought a few things to review. Starting with this cute QQ candy! I love how it comes in small packets, filled with a lot pieces of candy! There were many flavours, but I chose blueberry and lychee (I will be reviewing later).
The packaging is cute, with real blueberries on the front. 
Each pack weights 70g at 0.68p per pack, and contains a fair amount for the price. 

Appearance: Small jelly pieces. dark purple in colour
Smell: Smells strong of blueberry
Texture: Soft and chewy like gummy bears
Taste: Not as strong as the smell, but overall pleasant. 
Where can I buy it? Matthew's foods in Aberdeen, or other Asian grocers.

5/5 hearts 

'till next time 


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