Week 3. Running Diary Day 8

I decided to go on a later run today. I was aiming to go in the evening when it was dark, but decided against it and went in the late afternoon. I wanted to go running today due to seeing other people post their running stats up on Facebook. Social media is a fantastic motivator! I love posting my run stats on social media, not to boast, but to keep me motivated. I like trying to beat my last run, and constantly try and beat my distance. 
I'm a beginner runner and I need as much motivation as I can get. I don't want to quit just yet. Usually I do because I can't handle the negativity. 
Anyways. This run was nice and easy until the last 0.5 miles UPHILL! I wanted to keel over and throw up. I hate the feeling when lactic acid builds up, I can't seem to run past it. Hopefully the more I run, the better I get. 

I seem to run in the same area. I don't have confidence to venture elsewhere just yet. Maybe once I can run longer distances. Torry isn't really a place I want to venture around anyways. There are a lot of sleezy geezers about. 

Oh and I lost another -1.8lbs this week ^-^! Almost reaching my target of 120lbs :]! Only 2.8lbs to go! 

Anyways, happy running. 

'till next time, 


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