Week 4. Running Diary Day 10

I've been mega lazy this week when it comes to outdoor running. I did spend Monday and Tuesday running at the gym, 3 miles each day on the tredmill, so I guess that counts in some way. 
I decided to force myself on another 5K run today. I have trouble going for a run when it's cold in my apartment. It's warmer outside than inside at the moment, but once I'm out there, there is no stopping me. 
I did have to stop and walk going up a steep hill at one point (too many hills in Torry!!). But other than that, I ran the whole thing. 33 minutes isn't so bad for a rookie like me. Three years ago, I couldn't even run a mile let alone 3! I did two 5K's and took over 50 minutes because I walked them! 

I am really proud of myself, and how fast I am catching on with this running malarkey. I hope the buzz lasts, I enjoy running now (well once I managed to get my running gear on and get out the door!). I also feel my body shape changing too. I originally started running to lose weight, but now I'm doing it for fun, and to stay fit and healthy. 

The next two days will be my rest days. No running at the gym and no running outside. My wee legs need a break. Also I'll be on two 12+ hour shifts and don't want to be sore or zombie like! 

'till next time


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