Week 4.Running Diary Day 11 and 12

I decided to go on a run on Valentines Day as it's usually quite an indulgent day. I increased my distance by 0.5miles to 3.5miles, so I hit a personal best in distance which felt nice. 

And then on the 15th, I decided to push myself harder and go for 4 miles, and managed it. I could have kept going too. I wish I did, but I really needed to pee, and was starting to get very hungry. 

I love seeing my progress with this facebook chart. I've only been running for 4 weeks, and improving each time, averaging about 1 mile more each week! So if things go to plan, I should be able to reach 10K (6 miles) by the end of week 6! 

My weightloss is also slowing down. Infact, I've gained weight this week despite eating okay, and running/gym! I'm putting it down the the amount of exercise. I can see myself changing with all the running. My jeans now hit, and aren't skin tight! Yes! But the downside is that I'm losing weight in my thighs so my skinny jeans are getting more baggy.

'till next time, 


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