Yorokobi by CJ restaurant review No.2

I had the pleasure of going to Yorokobi by CJ again for valentines day. My first review can be found here. The restaurant if located on 51 Huntly Street, just off Union street. It's a cute cosy restaurant, really warm inside unlike other restaurants I have been to. As it was valentine's day, there were a lot of twos, and every table was set for two's! 
We were greeted and sat down right away, service was very quick too, as soon as we ordered, the food came out within 10 minutes. 
David and I had the sushi and sashimi selection for £16.50. Not a bad price considering you get 8 pieces of nigiri and 10 pieces of sashimi. They were fine, although the sushi rice wasn't seasoned. The only thing that made up for it was the wasabi underneath the fish on the nigiri. The tuna was a bit "off" but I know how hard it is to get fresh, sashimi grade tuna in Aberdeen. Again the waitress never told us what fish was on the plate. I assume the white coloured one was sea bass (not pollock which I thought in the previous review). 

I also ordered some maki rolls, sake kawa (salmon skin) £4 and unakyu £4.20 (grilled eel and cucumber). They were okay. The grilled eel was faultless. But the salmon skin was rather like cardboard than crispy. Pricing was great. 

This was the Ojingeo Bokeum. Squid in a spicy sauce. It was extremely spicy. My god, it burnt my mouth off. £12.50

This was Albap. Almost like bibimbap but with fish roe. Rice, with veggies and fish roe on top in a sizzling stone bowl. £13
The menu said three types of fish roe, but we only got two. Orange tobiko and wasabi tobiko. 

To finish off, we had ice cream. Green tea ice cream and Pat icecream (red bean) £3.90 each. 
Trying to eat nigiri! I was so full. 
Overall the food was decent. It's nothing to rave about, but good food. We were full at the end. stuffed infact. 

A little bit of criticism with the waitresses. Two of them cleared our table, both asked if we wanted anything else, and I asked for the dessert menu. Both didn't come back to the table at all, and we had to ask another waitress about their icecreams.  

Overall with a pint of coke and two bottles of beer, the bill came to around £65. 

I give this place a 4/5 like last time. 
Good food, okay service, good prices. But lack of "ooomph". 

'till next time


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