Si meat-free cuisine Thai Spiced Potato Cake Mix Review

I came across Simon Rimmer's instant mixes in ASDA not long ago. This Thai spiced potato cake mix was around £1.38.

Packaging wise was appealing. Eye popping colour, with an appealing photo of the finished product. The packaging also tells you how many calories are in a portion...basically three cakes. 

Inside, the powder wasn't too bad. it smelled nice, and also looked nice. You know sometimes when you get premixed powders and they look rank? All you have to do is mix the powder with hot boiling water. Leave to cool for a 5 minutes. Dust hands with plain flour and then roll into patties. 

They produced a strong smell when the water was added. Not sure if it was appealing or not.

I then fried each patty for around 5 minutes until "golden". As you can see I couldn't get the heat right and burnt them. 

Taste wise, I LOVED these. I added them into wraps with salad. They were slightly spicy but flavoursome. I bought more in my latest shop as they are very handy for lunches. 
They're also good the next day. I put them in the fridge and reheated in the microwave the next day. 

4/5 hearts
They were hard to shape, i.e needed a lot of flour so they didn't stick to my hands. They burnt even though I used medium heat. They also broke apart a little when flipping over. 

'till next time


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