Madam Mew's Cafe Review 2

I went to Madam Mew's again for lunch. My first review can be found here.
I love this place. It's well hidden inside a dingy old market. As soon as you walk in the front doors you can smell your way to the cafe. 
I went for lunch with a few work colleagues. And we each got a different dish. 
I always see people drinking this when I walk past. It's green tea with condensed milk. It was so tasty. Extremely sweet, but it really hit the spot. I assume they use matcha powder to get it that green colour.

I forgot what the names of all these dishes co worker said it was bland. 

I don't have comments on this one either. 

This was mine. Pad Grapau (Krapow). Yum! It was so nice! It was a huge portion too. I ate most of it, apart from some of the rice. I could have eaten it all, but I didn't want to seem too greedy. 
You had the option of pork, chicken, beef or seafood. I chose beef. In english it's Thai basil beef. The flavours were good, and the chillis had quite a kick to the dish. £5.80

My other colleague had the chicken panang. She said it was nice. As you can see, they serve huge portions. 

All four dishes, with three drinks came to less than £30. A bargain in Aberdeen! Tasty and authentic food. You really can't go too wrong. 

If you've not been here, I'd suggest that you do! Heck I'll come with you too! 
I've been back twice by myself the past two weeks, I like it that much! Oops!

Definitely 5/5 hearts. 

'till next time


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