Out of my comfort zone!

Recently I've been trying new things that are out of my comfort zone. I read somewhere that you should be trying new things, rather than stick to the same old thing, becoming too comfortable. 
This month of March, I've kind of changed my routine. I've met friends for lunch on my days off work, "socialising" as one would say. I would usually stay at home, sulk and watch films. Even nap the whole day.

I'm a rather awkward person unless people get to know me. I find it hard to have good conversation with people I don't know and even people I do know. I can come out with stupid or weird things, so I tend not to socialise as much. I've been going to lunch on my own, with my book and it's really hard not to think of what others might think of me. I quite enjoyed my own time, reading my book while having lunch so it's going to be a frequent occurrence from now on. 

I've also recently taken up driving lessons. This is kind of a big thing for me. The past few years I've been wanting to take up lessons but "chickened" out each time, and cancelled lessons. Today, I had my second lesson! I was petrified of course. I do want to learn to drive, but there is so much you have to learn. I could learn automatic, but want to learn manual first because once you learn manual you can drive both types but you can't if you learn automatic. 
It was rather scary, my second lesson involved driving on a road which was not too busy, but not exactly quiet either. I learned how to switch gears while gaining speed (hard when you have no idea which gear is where...)! Also steering. Steering was my biggest trouble today, I had no idea how to gauge where the car is on the road (i.e if I'm too close to the curb or too close to the other side of the road). I also have no idea how much to turn the wheel, etc. He did say all of this will come along in my later sessions. At least I got the gear changes okay...

My other out of the comfort zone experience is applying for a new job. Not in retail or waitressing this time. But a nursery worker trainee. I love kids and want to work with them. Be it teaching or nursery. I finally puckered up the courage to apply for some jobs in this sector, and got an interview. I got the job! And now waiting on my PVG and references to come through. It might take a further two weeks (I've been waiting 2 weeks so far)...
I'm quite nervous but excited and want to have a career working with children. I've been told I'd be good at it and my step dad has suggested it a few times. 

I've not been running as much lately either. I've not really had the motivation. the weather has been a bit rubbish, high winds. I have been going to the gym and running on the treadmill instead though. I guess that counts to something. I'll be back out on the road again, once it gets a bit warmer and less windy. My 10K is in 6 weeks!!! 

Anyways, that's pretty much it from me,

'till next time,


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