Si Meat-Free Cuisine Carrot and Coriander Falafel Mix Review

I bought this along with the Si Thai Potato Cake in ASDA. This product was 50p, on offer at the time. 
The packaging is eye popping, and really made me want to buy it. I love the colours against the whiter background. I also love the photo of the finished product. They also state how long it takes to cook, and calorie information. It's also okay for vegetarians. 

You basically mix the powder with hot water, leave for 5 minutes until it becomes "thick" 

Flour your hands, not as much as I did, but then again they do stick a lot if you don't! Roll them into little balls.

Fry in about a tablespoon of oil for around 5 minutes.

They don't look very appealing. They don't even look like the picture in the packet.

Taste wise, they were weird. They're not like falafels at all. There's a slight sweet taste and a weird crunchy feeling as you bite through it. 
I didn't hate them. They were okay. Nice in wraps or with salad. 

I bought these again for my lunch this week, so they must be okay for 50p!! 
They're not as good as the Thai spiced potato cakes though.

Only 3/5 for these. 

'till next time


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