Solar Eclipse from Aberdeen, Scotland!

Today was a phenomenal day! Eclipse day! An eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. A rare occurrence. The last time it happened was back on August 11th 1999 (16 years ago!!!) - right in the middle of the summer holiday. I just turned 9. My family and I traveled to Cornwall, UK to view it. Sadly it was overcast, not even a tiny glimpse. I do remember how it went really dark for a good couple of minutes. 

This time round (as an almost fully grown adult), on the 20th March 2015, I saw the total eclipse. A partial eclipse because of my location, but I was pretty up North to be able to see 95% of it covered! Amazing. 

Of course, I forgot about it. I remembered the day before, but didn't set my alarm for the morning. I woke around 9, suddenly remembering the eclipse! I checked my watch, jolted to the front window and saw it between the clouds! It was amazing. I only watched for a few seconds. 

I then dashed to the kitchen, found a shoe box which David had left there for the past 3 months and made myself a pinhole projector. It took a lot of effort. The tinfoil was on top of the cupboard. Being my height, I couldn't reach so had to pull up a chair, knocking everything over. I couldn't find scissors to cut out a hole in the box, so used a serrated knife (remnants of cardboard still all over my kitchen). Taped the foil over the hole and poked a tiny hole through the middle of the foil. 

It's not as nice viewing it using the pinhole, but it's the safest way. I took photo's of the eclipse with my camera phone, but you know what it's like. Ever seen a big moon and tried to take a photo with a camera phone? That's what it looked like. My mother however took amazing photo's! 

I'll post my photo's now ^-^:

You can just see it on this photo! 

The simple pinhole projector

This must have been around the time it reached 95% cover! Amazing what a shadow can show! 

And now my mother's photo:
Amazing huh!? Such an amazing shot. 

I hope most of you got to see a glimpse of it too!!

'till next time,


  1. Very cool. Shame about all the cloud. We had blue skies in Fife.


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