The Coffee House Aberdeen review

Aberdeen has a lot of various coffee places, each do cake, chocolates, etc. My friend and I went to one called The coffee house. It's not on a side street in Aberdeen, but still gets very busy. The interior is a little "hipster". Wooden tables, wooden panels etc, with chalk board menu's. 
You simply grab a table, go up to the counter and order your food and drinks. 

They had a wide range of sandwiches. A big blackboard with about 12ish sandwiches on offer. They had a variety of cakes, coffee and teas. They also offered soup, and had three soups on offer. They're average priced, around £2/3 for a coffee. £4 for a soup. £7/8 for a soup and a sandwich. 

This is me with a mountain of food! Well, I had a soup, sandwich, coffee and San pellegrino. 

Close up! I had the beef, tomato, beetroot chutney and horseradish sandwich. 
I'm glad I didn't have a bread preference, because the girl never asked. It was served on brown bread. the sandwich was okay. To be honest, I didn't think the beetroot chutney and horseradish went together. Both flavours were overpowering. You got the sweetness of the chutney then a hint of the horseradish. It ruined each of the flavours. 

The soup I had was Carrot and ginger soup. Sadly it was all carrot. I couldn't taste any ginger. I expected a stronger taste, but it just tasted of blitzed up carrot. 

My friend had this pie. I think it was a steak pie? I forget. This is also her photo, @linalinarina on Instagram! It was a nice big portion. I loved the size of the salad! Nothing worse than a skimpy salad! I think this was around £5/6! 

Overall it was an okay cafe. I wouldn't rave about it. There are others which are better. I think there are too many options. Especially for soup. Maybe just cut it to two options and focus on the flavours? I don't know. 

I might return, but I have other cafes to visit too...

3/5 hearts. 

'till next time


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