Wagamama, Union Square review 2

A lot of you may know, I am against wagamama. Each time I've been, I've had a bad experience, but for some reason I seem to go back...mainly due to convenience. I'm stupid. But I'm glad I went back again, because I had a better experience and want to share with you all. 
We got a booth table straight away, so there was no waiting around, and we were private away from other diners. Our server was pretty fast, and hard working. 
I had a blueberry spice juice. Blueberry, apple, carrot with a hint of ginger. There was a lot of carrot in this juice, and a lot of "bits" through it. It was a decent juice though, but don't think I will be ordering again. 

Kimchi! £1 for a tiny portion, a bit of a rip off to be honest!

Chicken Kare Lomen. Basically ramen noodles in a spicy coconut and lemongrass. It was nice. I didn't have to add any seasoning to it. Usually when at Wagamama's I have to add half a bottle of chilli oil to everything. This time nothing. 

David had the chicken and prawn pad thai. and a lot of different things which didn't really live up to the taste. A lot of good ingredients but lacking in flavour. If it were me I would have added half a bottle of chilli oil again. David had about two spoon fulls of my soup noodles and mixed it through which enhanced the flavour. 

Attempting chopsticks...needs a lot of concentration.


Pulled pork gyoza, they were okay. I like that they are steamed and not deep fried. They had a weird consistency. Edible. 

Ribs. These were nice, a small portion though. Sweet taste, and the meat fell of the bone. 

We also had dessert. Banana Katsu and salted caramel icecream. Oh my this as divine. Well, the banana katsu by itself wasn't much. But eaten with that icecream was amazing. The saltiness was just right. a moreish kinda of flavour!! 

Mochi icecream. We had a selection. I forget the flavours. I think Sesame, strawberry and vanilla. 
Not a bad word to say about these. If I could eat them everyday I would. I love mochi! 

I will go again no doubt in the future. It's located in a shopping centre close to my home, apart from yo sushi, and wagamama there is no other Japanese style restaurant open on a sunday!! They'll both have to do!  

This experience, I'd give it a 
4/5 hearts
'till next time


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