4 Weeks into New Job!

It's been about a month since I started my new job as a Nursery Assistant. I'm loving it so far. There are some parts which I find hard, for example controlling the children. The class I have been placed in is called the "Baby Room". The youngest we have is 4/5 months old, while the oldest is around 2 years old. 

I may not be in this position long though. I would love to carry on and obtain my qualifications through this job, but I have been offered a job in Korea! Who would say no to going to Korea. David has also been offered a job in Korea. We're both going to be teaching for the same academy. I'm not sure about the age of the kids though. 

We're both in the process of getting our documents ready. Currently waiting on his new passport. We have our disclosures ready (came in two days!!!), 2 sealed and stamped transcripts, degree certificate, passport photo's, CV, contract ready! Just need to get them apostilised and notarised. 

Hopefully it won't take longer than a month to do. We will then need to send them to Korea and wait for our visa application number...exciting. 

Anyways, that's it for now. 

'till next time,


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