First ever 10K :]!

Today I completed my first ever 10K. It's not the longest race I have completed though. I've done two half marathons (without training, so walked all of it). Today was a big achievement, as I ran the majority of the race. I walked about 1.5 kilometres (it got too hot and I had a running jacket on!). There was probably around 200 folk running the race. It wasn't a big race, so there was more of a chance coming in last. There was also no accurate timing either. I used my endomondo app to record my time. 
I completed the 10K in 1hr 09 minutes. Pretty slow in my opinion. I aimed to get about an hour. I blame the 1.5km walk! I should have just powered on through! 

My next 10K is in May. I have exactly a month to prepare, and I must train! I haven't trained in about three weeks due to the change in jobs. I just haven't had the time or energy. As soon as I get home at 6.30pm, I want to nap, or I have a driving lesson. 
Hopefully I will beat my current personal best of 1 hr 9 and finish on the hour mark. 

Here are a few photo's of today's event:
Warm up by Pure Gym. 

Staring at David, cheekily taking my photo!

I can't do squats, and wasn't even going to try!! 

Start line! I was right at the front. The guy in green took a selfie with most of us, not sure where it will be posted though!

And we are off, can't see me as I am behind the girl with pink shoes! You can see Lina though :]! 

Smiling away. Mainly because I saw David taking photo's. 

I don't think I'm in this one, but my friend Lina is :]

I hate how it doesn't look like I'm running...

This one is my favourite photo. It looks better than the other ones as it looks like I'm running...! Also liking my photo's because it definitely shows that I lost weight haha! 

I love these series of shots. It was the first lap of the 10K...almost at the 5K mark! 

The last lap, nearing the end, finish line! 

Up this horrible ramp!!!

Almost there!

Woo hoo, finally getting my water ^-^! Was a horrible end. Felt sick. I like the colour of my hair in the photo though! 

Post run sefie with Lina

More selfie-ing

The main goal for me was my medal ;]!

Got my banana, oatcake and water ^-^ Happy as Larry! 

Anyways, was a nice day in the end. I really didn't want to do it at the start. I was freezing. But I am glad I did. I almost switched to do the 5K instead. So glad I didn't! Woo!

'till next time,


  1. Wow, well done you. It's been a big day for me too - I did the Sheffield Half Marathon, it was a tough one, but I made it. I have never felt so grateful for the gift of running! Love to run, and keep doing what you're doing. p.s I was blinking freezing at the start of my race too, absolute shivering x x x


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