Korean Samyang Fried Spicy Chicken Noodles Review

David was sent some Korean instant ramen noodles from a friend. I decided to do a little review because he was too chicken to try them. The note attached to the noodles stated that "you will taste like hell". It definitely means that it's mega spicy!!! 

The package looks okay, pretty appetising. Bold colours, and definitely shows that it will be spicy! Most Asian branded spicy goods are black with red! Symbols fire I guess. 
I can't read Korean (I can read what it says but not what it means), but Julie, David's Korean friend said to add a little bit of water. I filled it to the water line. Some other blogs like Mydailymoo pour out the water. 

The tub contains a block of dry fried noodles and two packets. One with garnish, sesame seeds and nori (seaweed in Japanese, or Kim as Koreans call it). The other packet has the red chilli paste. I thought it was the gochujang paste you get in Korean, but nope. This stuff is like the devil. 

You basically add the water to the fill line, then mix in the two packets. All of the paste if you want it fiery "hell hot" or half so it's less hot...cover then wait for around 3 minutes. 

You can smell the noodles as soon as you lift the lid back up. It burnt my nostrils just smelling. You can also see how spicy it is too. There was a thick red oil coating, which is most likely chilli oil. 
This stuff burnt my mouth right from the first bite. I only managed half a tub of noodles. It gave me heartburn and indigestion right after.
It was too good in the morning either, so had to take indigestion tablets.

If I saw these again in the store, I won't buy it. Not because they weren't nice, but because I can't handle the spice! Those who love spicy foods would love this. I will stick to the regular instant ramen noodles from now on! 

It's kind of hard to rate this. I liked it, but it was too spicy. But others would love the spicy. So I will stick with 3/5 hearts as it's half way! 


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