Yatai Izakaya: Lunch Review

Most of you know I used to work in Yatai. I recently went back as an ex employee, to sample the service and food. Of course, it's still going to be a bit biased. The staff know me. However I do want to still review my recent visit. 

Service was top notch! Polly and Anna did amazing. Not just with me, but the other tables that were there. 
I ordered Tori Kara age £6.50, which is Japanese deep fried spicy chicken and a chirashizushi £18. The chirashizushi comes with a side salad and a miso soup. 

Beautifully presented. 

Now to some criticisms (which I'm sure certain people won't like-but hey it's honest). The tori kara in my opinion was under seasoned. There was no "spice" no kick to it. I remember before when I ate it (quite a few times at the restaurant), the marinade used to be much tastier. It was pretty bland.
The miso soup was too salty. It was so overpowering. The soup was really dark in colour, and tasted as if someone added a barrel of salt. I couldn't drink it sadly. 

The chirashizushi was perfect. And so was the side salad. Not sure what they put in the salad, but it tasted so good. 

4/5 hearts for this visit. 


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