Ambal's Indian Restaurant Review

It's been a while since I last posted, been a bit busy. I'll quit my silence by posting a review on Ambal's, which is an Indian restaurant that is located on Bridge Street. It's right next to the famous Monsoona (healthy Indian apparently, but I'm pretty sure it's just the type of oil they use). 
We decided on this restaurant randomly. We were walking around in the rain and decided to walk into this one.

You can't really judge this place from the outside. You have to go up some steps, which were clean! Then you entered a nicely decorated restaurant. It's purple with some nice chandeliers. The tables were set fine dining style and waiters were very attentive from the start.
It wasn't very busy when we arrived, with only two tables occupied, but it slowly filled with another 2 tables and a bigger table. 
The menu was very limited, but most likely due to the "fine dining" style of the restaurant. A good selection of starters and veggie options, but the main meals were limited. For example, they only had lamb rogan josh, but I'm pretty sure they would be able to swap it if we asked. 
I had a mango lassi to drink which was a whopping £4, and my partner had a Cobra for about the same price. 
We had poppadums to starts at £1.90 per poppadum, with a nice chutney tray so £3.80 in total. It was different to other Indian restaurants. There was a problem with the waiter though. He came and took away my plate and the chutney even though I was clearly still eating my poppadum, and had it in my hands. He said it was because the starters were ready. If I am paying 1.90 for 1 poppadum, I expect to finish it with my selection of chutney!

Before out starters, we were given a complimentary dish. I forget what it's called. The waiter said it's famous in india. I think it had seafood in it? It was really nice, thank you.

Anyways, starters arrived, we shared the Punjabi paneer £5.95, which was served on black slate. It was tasty. So fine that I crave it now. 

We also had the onion dhal bhaji £4.45 which was nice. 
Mains I had the lamb rogan josh £10.95, my partner had the chicken tikka masala £10.95. With a garlic and coriander naan £3.95 and steamed rice £2.50.

The mains were excellent. The best I have ever had. The rogan josh was amazing. You culd actually taste the spice. Most indians which serve this just overload it with tomatoes. The tikka masala was also excellent. Such a nice flavour. 

We asked for out bill and were given it pretty quick. But then we waited ages to pay it. The waiter that gave us it disappeared. No idea where he went. There was a table of about 8 men getting served by one guy, he came over as soon as he was finished with them so wasn't his fault.
Overall bill came to just over £50, which is fair for really good food! I can't wait to come back!!! 

4/5 hearts 

'till next time, 


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