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안 녕 하 셍요!! Hello!!
Remmeber last year when I kept banging on about Korea and then ended up moving to Aberdeen? Well, I am back to banging on about Korea. Right now David and I are 80% certain of moving over there (just waiting on getting our documents looked over for our visa!!). 
We were offered a couple's position at Avalon English Academy in Gangneung (강릉시). Gangneung is on the East coast of Korea, in the city Gangwon-do. David and I have sent our documents to our employer at Avalon and we are now waiting for her to take it to the Korean Government to approve our visa. She'll then give us a visa number which we will use to apply for the Korean E2 visa over here in the UK. Exciting stuff!

We were originally going to head over at the end of July, for the beginning of the term in August. But due to some complications on their side, we can't. So we are heading out a month later at the end of August. 

I am leaving my post as a support worker at the nursery I work at, at the beginning of July. I don't want to because I love it. But I have been offered an amazing opportunity to travel to Asia and work there. Stupid not to take the chance to go. David doesn't like Aberdeen either, so we need to find a place where we both like. I hated Stornoway. He loved it. He hates Aberdeen. I love it. Maybe the best solution is to move back to Edinburgh after Korea where we both love! I'm not sure when I'll be back from Korea, our original contract is 12 months, but we can extend at the end if they like us (I hope). 

Working with children these few months have made me want to change my career route. I love working with children. When I do come back from Korea, I do plan on going back to working with children. I hope I can find another institution that teaches while I work (apprentice), but due to my age, there will be less funding. If not, I do have money saved to do my HNC in Childcare or Early Education. I think it lasts a year, and will be good to do along side a part time job when I get back. 

I wish I knew what I wanted to do during my A levels. I was so sure I wanted to work in marine sciences. Thinking about it now, I only wanted to do marine biology because of the TV show flipper. I wasted 5 years of my education doing something I don't want to do anymore! Nevermind. 

Once David and I leave Aberdeen, we will have 2 months of doing nothing! We will be driving back to Glasgow on the 3rd to David's parents. Settle and relax until the 8th where we will be going on a 10 day trip around Scotland. We will be staying in a tent or b&b's. The trip will end in Newcastle where we will spend a week with my mum. She is getting our car before we go too because my crazy ex step dad is a douche (long story). After the week in Newcastle, we are going on a week long holiday to somewhere hot (last minute deal). Then fly back to Newcastle for 1 more week, then Glasgow for another week before flying out to Korea. We may need to travel Korea for 1 week before starting so I can get used to the way of life. 
I don't want to move over and work straight away. I would like a week of traveling, get used to the way of life, the culture, etc. 
I am also learning how to read and write Korean too. I started last year and still remember some basics. I know most of their letters now, but my pronunciation needs work. I bought a Korean phrase book to practise my Korean phrases. 

I have also installed the Korean keyboard onto my laptop, and assigned little sticky notes onto the keys to help me type in Korean. It'll make it easier to learn. 

So, that's our recent news. I hope it all falls into place! 

'till next time, 

안녕히 게 세 요!!! Goodbye 

켈리 (Kelly)


  1. You do know that there's an outbreak of a new coronavirus in South Korea, called MERS. It has forced 700 schools to shut, you should check the BBC world news on Asia. I advise you think very carefully of the risks, as there's no vaccine or cure. Personally, I would not go but this is your decision.

    1. How condescending. I've no idea who you are, but don't you think I have seen the news myself. Right now my plan is to go, I've still got two and a half months to decide. By then I will weigh out the situation. And yes it is my decision.


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