Japanese style Nutella mochi recipe

One of my favourite desserts is mochi. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake dessert made out of glutinous rice powder. It's pretty difficult to make, and extremely messy. However, it is worth it. It's not too hard to find either, you can buy them in any Asian supermarket. 

1 cup Glutinous rice flour
0.5 cup Sugar
1 cup hot water
Jar of Nutella
Potato starch or corn starch

First of all, "dollop" balls of Nutella onto a plate. Doesn't have to be neat. Put them into the freezer to harden. You can use any filling you like, the most common is sweet red bean paste (Anko).

Add the cup of glutinous rice flour with the sugar

Mix in the water, a little at a time. It needs to be really thick! Doesn't matter if you don't use all the water stated. 
Clingfilm the bowl and microwave on high for 1 minute. It should come out looking really thick. 

Dust the surface generously with corn flour, place the mixture on top. Then coat with more cornflour. Kneed it for a few minutes, and add more cornflour to stop it from sticking. 
Roll the mixture out, until it's around half a centimetre thick.

Cut out disks. Be careful, it's really sticky, so best use generous amounts of cornflour. 

Take the Nutella from the freezer, and place a ball on each disk.

Pinch together the mochi. I used a bit of water to make the sides stick, then rolled it in my hands gently until I got ball shapes. 
The mochi might end up cracking. In this situation, I add a bit of water to the mochi as I rolled. Once it was "smooth", I dusted with cornflour. 

Voila! Mochi balls. 
Refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.

Serve as it is! 

Very nice dessert. I could eat these all day. I love the texture! 

I hope you get a chance to make these. They are pretty hard to make because it is so sticky! You kinda need a lot patience and a big work surface. I have a tiny kitchen so got really frustrated at times. Enjoy!

'till next time,


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