Cafe 52 Review

Recently I visited the restaurant called Cafe 52 in Aberdeen. It's located in The Green AB11 6PE, opposite Bistro Verde. 
Its very easy to find. There are steps from Union Street. The restaurant has an outside dining bit, with heat lamps. I've heard raving reviews about this restaurant so thought it would be worth a try. They have just had a refurb too. The inside was kind of contemporary, weird paintings and very dark!

I came for their dinner service with other people. I had just finished work, so it was around 6.30. 

We were seated in an area away from the main restaurant. It was by the window, but was kind of like a private room. I'm pretty sure it's because they thought we were underage!!! We all ordered soft drinks too. 

Anyways, their menu is pretty simple. They have a variety of starters for around £4.90 and their mains are around £12.90. 
I honestly cannot remember the name of the dishes. This was my starter. It was fish goujons basically. It was really dry and too salty! 

This was my main. It was a beef casserole with carrots etc and lots of coriander. 
It tasted fine, but honestly could have done with something "carby". It was kind of like eating a chunky soup. 

This was thai style (fish). He said it was really nice, with lots of flavours. I honestly think it could have come with rice, or something substantial for £12.90! Again it looked more like a soup. 

My friend's makeral salad. 

A pork dish with potatoes and greens. 

Overall, the food was fine, but a bit too expensive at £12.90 per main. I've had better food elsewhere doing similar style of food. We were left for ages before we received the bill after asking twice. I'm not sure if they were confused or they just wanted to leave us alone. 
The restaurant did seem a tad busy, but there were three waitresses. 

I've tried this place once, and won't go back sadly. 

Rate this 3/5.

'till next time


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