Dorset Spice Shed, Spanish Chicken Traybake

I got this in my recent Flavourly box, so I'm going to review it. 
So, this product is basically a blend of herbs a spices to make Spanish Chicken. The package is simple. It includes a recipe and a list of things to buy for the recipe. 
I didn't follow the instructions because they were a wee bit complicated. The instructions were way too wordy. 
It also stated in the recipe that I needed orange juice but didn't state that in the ingredient list. This was really annoying! I was originally going to follow the recipe, but using chicken breast instead of thighs until I realised I didn't buy orange juice. 
This is what it turned out like. It wasn't too bad. I chose black olives instead of green. I used chicken breast instead of thighs. 
I served it with cous cous. 

Honestly, I'd never buy this. I could probably make this myself for cheaper. 

Rate this 2/5

'till next time,


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