Flavourly Box May 2015

I decided to reorder my subscription to Flavourly. Well, just for 1 month. I'm leaving my flat next month, so won't have a permanent address to get things sent to. I was worried that the box would be rubbish. My previous experience with Flavourly was okay, it started good but then started to get really bad due to repetition of products. 
The subscription has gone up by £5 in the past year to £20 a month. You get better stuff though. They advertise it as £17 a month but there is a £3 postage fee. They also send every box via recorded delivery now. 

As usual, their presentation is great. It's all packed into a shoe box sized box. All the products are placed neatly inside, on top of shredded green paper, sealed with a layer of tissue paper. 

This is the content of the box. I received 12 items. One of which was a filler I think. Dried Cranberries. I received one repeat from last year's April box which was the Mini Nibs. You can see the blog post here and the review of the product here

The products I received are as follows: 
Dorset Spice Shed by Saison. I received the Spanish Chicken Tray bake seasoning sachet. Cute packaging, the seasoning is enclosed in cardboard which contains the recipe card and ingredient list. Simple ingredients needed. 
I'm a big fan of Saison. I received a product from them in August 2014. I have yet to review the product. 
22g sachet. I can't for the life of me find the retail price of this product. The website on the packaging isn't available. I can't even find the product on Saison

Whole Plus. Gingerbread Toppers. Healthy twist on gingerbread. Made with pure ginger, spices and blackstrap molasses. I honestly had no idea what it was for when I saw it. I had to do a bit of a google search. You can add these to porridge, yoghurt to give it a gingerbread flavour. I'm not sure what it would be like eating it straight from the tub.
I can't find the retail price! I'm not even sure you can buy this in shops. You can't even buy from the website unless you buy huge quantities. 

Scarlett & Mustard. Fresh Mint and Lime Curd. The meet the maker guide states that it is loaded with fresh limes and a hint of mint. Good with pancakes and Greek yoghurt. 
I'm excited to try this product. 
210g, retails for £3.50 a jar! You can buy these in some shops. You can find your nearest shop using this link. I think Dobbie's Garden World stock them. 

Mini Nibs by NibNibs. Cheddar cheese straws made in Yorkshire. Everything about it is Yorkshire, right to the water they use "Yorkshire water". 
65g. Retails for around £1.70. Varies store to store. I can't find a stocklist, so it would be nice if they had one. 

Clearly Scrumptious. Dried Golden Berries. Golden berries are usually found as decoration to posh desserts. That's where I know them from. I've tried these dried once before but never knew what they were. I'm not sure if I liked them. They are extremely tangy with a weird texture. I can't seem to stop eating them though. Each pack has 87 calories. 
30g. Retails for around £1. This various from shop to shop. I also can't find a stocklist. 

Gran Luchito. Smoked Chilli Ketchup. Made from a blend of Mexican chillies. It uses five rare Mexican Oaxacan chillies, blended with sun-ripened Spanish tomatoes. Great use of design, simple yet eye popping typography. 
210g. Retails for around £2.99. You can buy this in M&S, Selfridges, Amazon. 

The cranberries that Flavourly added in. Not sure if it's branded. 

Emily Fruit Crisps. Crunchy Pineapple. There's no information about the product in the meet the makers guide apart from the banana version. Amazing packaging. It's so "arty". I love the design with all the pineapples. It really stands out. This is really interesting, I've thought about pineapples being crisps before. Pineapples are usually succulent and juicy!
30g. Retails at £1.99
You can find a stocklist here

Joe & Seph. Olive Oil, Truffle Oil and Truffle Salt popcorn. Light fragrant and delicious. 
I've never had truffles before so have no idea if I'd like these. Great packaging. Clear pouch so you basically can see what you buy. 
For 33g, retails at £5. 
You can buy Joe and Seph's popcorn from Cineworld! It's where I've seen it. You can also purchase from their website and their stocklist is here

Coconom. Turmeric and Tamarind Coconut Sugar. The package design is good, resealable. Made from 100% pure and all natural sweetener, from flower blossoms of the coconut palm. Great to use in beverages and baking! 
You get a generous bag! 250g. Retails for £3.45.
Stock list can be found here.

Choc+. Banoffee Meets Chocolate. Combination of finest milk chocolate, butter caramel chunks and 100% natural banana bites. You can see the product though the packaging. Nice packaging, reminds me of protein powders for some reason. 
105g. Retails at around £1.95. I can't find a stocklist. You can buy it on Amazon though. 

Scarlett & Mustard. Hail Caesar Imperial Dressing. Basically it's a Caesar salad dressing. Nice typography. I wouldn't buy this because I'm not a fan of Caeser dressing. I'll give it a go for the purpose of reviewing though. The meet the maker guide only mentions their Mutti's Mint and Redcurrant dressing. I wish I received that instead haha. 
250mls. Retails for £3.99. 

A good selection of food products from Flavourly this month. 
Keep an eye on future posts. I will be reviewing each product I have received. 

'till next time. 


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