Race For Life 5K

Today, I ran the Race for Life 5K! The nursery I work at organised it for us.
It's my first ever Race for Life! I've never been interested doing it as I never had anyone to do it with. I'm so glad I did it this time. I really enjoyed it. 
I got the kids to design my t shirt. Well I came up with the idea and had to to help them a lot as they're only toddlers. 
I drew around their hands and let them scribble. They're still so young that they can only scribble. I then got a few of them to stick glue and glitter onto the hands. Most of it ended up in their mouth but hey ho! 

David's photo skills. Missed half of my out of the photo! 
Legging it the end!!

Post race photo with my medal :]. I love medals. Not your usual medal though! Cute dog tags. 

The nutters from my work! 

Before the race! The dogs also joined in! 

I completed the 5K in 36 minutes, 15seconds. 

The route was fairly flat and on tarmac. Although there were so many uneven surfaces, my ankles started to hurt! 

Anyways, pretty proud of myself for running it :]! The sun came out for us which was nice. 

'till next time,


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