Scotland Road Trip Day 1 08/07/2015

Coatbridge-Luss-Ardlui-Glen Coe-Fort William
So if you don't know already, I'm moving to Gangneung in South Korea to teach English. I've booked my flights for August 16th! Very exciting. I finished work on July 3rd and moved back to Newcastle until then. David and I pretty much have a month and a half to kill, so we decided to go on a Scotland road trip. 
David passed his driving test a few months back, so we planned a trip around the coast of Scotland, making sure we hit the islands to see some folk in Stornoway. 

This was our final route once we finished. 

We started off from David's parent's in a place called Coatbridge, just outside of Glasgow. Then headed North towards Loch Lomond. We headed straight for Luss in Loch Lomond. 

Like most of Scotland, it is beautiful. The village of Luss is so pretty, beautiful cottages with nicely decorated gardens. We didn't stay long in Luss. It was really windy but dry luckily. 

After Luss we headed to Ardlui, where The Drover's Inn was located. The Drovers is an amazing inn. The whole interior is decorated with stuffed dead animals! 

The food was pretty delicious too. Home cooked goodness. 

I had the Drover's Venison Casserole. It was amazing. I love red cabbage so I was so happy when it came out with it. It was so tasty, the venison was succulent with lots of flavour. 

David had the Drover's Highlander burger. Steak burger with haggis. Yum! The burger was homemade, so it tasted really good. I hate it when burgers are tightly packed together, this one was the opposite and loosely formed. 
After our filling lunch we headed to Glencoe. We didn't go up it. I'm not too fond of climbing up things. We did have a wee wander around the little town of Glencoe. Again, cute little houses with pretty gardens. 
There was a Nepalese market in Glencoe. The guy tried to show me how to use a singing bowl. I sucked at it hahaha! But it was pretty fun. I regret not buying anything (I would have if I wasn't moving to Korea!).  

After a while we headed to Fort William and found our campsite. We got there really early, around 5/6pm. We stayed at Glen Nevis Holiday park and I camped for the first time ever! It was £25 for a pitch for two people and a car. We were on a slight hill, so it wasn't as comfy as it could have been. 
Facilities were good, decent sized bathroom with around 10 toilets. Only 2 showers though. There were around 6 area's to camp and each area had its own toilet and shower block.

We went to McDonald's for our dinner that night. It was easy and cheap. Also had some Lidl cheese twists (this is why I am getting fat!). There was a nice river along the campsite too which was pretty. 

I took a little dip. It was freezing, but it was really nice to sit in the peace and quiet. The first night of camping was pretty nice. I fell asleep around 9.30, and woke around midnight. It was dark and very quiet. I was surprised. There were a lot of tents and I assumed people would be up all night chatting away. 

It was a nice start to the holiday :]


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