Scotland Road Trip Day 3 10/07/2015

Arnol Black House, Carloway Broch, Callanish Stones

We had an amazing nights sleep at our friend's house. I forgot how quiet it is in Stornoway. It was nice. We started off our day with a huge plate of breakfast! 
Stornoway Black pudding, fried eggs, fried tomatoes, toast! 

There were a few animals in the house. This was wee Molly. A really old Jack Russell! Bless her, she loved cuddles. There was Skye, another old Jack Russell. There was Charlie, a Labrador and Calvin the cat :]

We wanted to do a bit of sight-seeing. We started off in Arnol, where there is the Arnol Black House. Black houses are cool! It is a traditional type of house with a thatched roof. It's made of stone etc and heated using peat. Burning the peat is supposed to make the thatched roof waterproof too. 

The blackhouse from afar, 

The door was tiny! People back in the olden days must have  been small!

Heating my hands on the peat fire. There wasn't much heat from this litter fire, but a lot of smoke!

Just a couply photo! 

Across from the Blackhouse was the white house. Basically they were the newer style houses that appeared after the blackhouse. 

All of the interior was still inside the house. They just look like normal houses!

We then travelled to see the Carloway Broch. I'm not sure what it is, not sure if it's a fort or a house. More information is found here.

It was really windy! But once you entered the broch there was no wind at all. It wasn't even cold! The walls were so strong and it was so secluded that it protected you from mother nature (apart from rain!)

We then visited Callnish stones. Almost like the Stonehenge. It as pretty nice, we arrived at a good time! The tourists weren't there yet! As we were leaving, a load of people from a tour bus started to arrive! Lucky us! 

I fed a pony grass :]! I love this photo!

We went back to the cottage around 3/4ish and had a nap with the dogs :]! This is Skye!
This is Charlie.

And this is Calvin. 

In the evening, we all went for a meal at The Crown in Stornoway. It's a newly  refurbished hotel.

Ribs to start! These were so good! Meat fell off the bone! Yum

Bread and dip!

Fish and chips!

Sausage and mash!

Burger and coleslaw. This burger is amazing! David's again! Haha Best burger I have had! He enjoyed it too.

It was another end to a really good day :]!


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