Scotland Road Trip Day 4 11/07/2015

Brove House - Ness 

We had a bit of an easy day today. We spent the morning out with the chickens. 
There were so many of them, all very tame too. 

We then had a tour of David's old school. It felt really weird being back there. A lot of it is still the same, but some things that are different. After the tour, we drove to a place called Borve and had lunch with some of David's ex co-workers at a place called Borve House. 
It was nice. I had the roast beef. It was okay. Portion size was good, but the beef was dry as bone. The gravy didn't even help with how dry it was. 

David had the lasagne. This was really good. Nice and thick! No chips, just salad and garlic bread. 

All of us together. 

After lunch we went to the port of Ness. It's the furthest North you can get on the island. 

It was pretty. I didn't get out at the lighthouse. I'm glad I didn't. It was perched on top of a huge cliff. David said at some points, it was easy to just walk off and fall off the cliff! Scary! 
You'd think they'd put some sort of barrier up just incase people fall. 

It was a nice easy day today, we basically went back around tea time and had a nap. 

Dinner was this. Quails egg from the garden and smoked salmon! Yum!


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