Scotland Road Trip Day 5 12/07/2015


It was another easy start to the morning. We had a full Scottish breakfast! Sausages and black pudding! 

It was delicious. We were lazy until we had to leave for our ferry at 2.30. 
The sea looked amazing. Bright blue! 

They did some sort of exercise too with the helicopter. They winched some guy off the ferry. It was pretty cool to see! Apparently they do this often. 

Looking out towards land. 

Once off the ferry (which took ages!! just under 3 hours) then it was a long drive up to Durness where we stopped to camp at the Durness campsite. 

We pitched up, on the cliff! We had such beautiful views! 
They had a sign post which told you how many miles certain places were. It was really cool.

We ate dinner in the campsite restaurant. David had a pizza. I had the pork belly. It was nice but way too much of it. 

We then settled in the tent for a good nights sleep. NOT! 
It was so windy! Apparently the whole campsite was windy, even if we didn't perch on top of the cliff! 


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