Scotland Road Trip Day 7 14/07/2015

Thurso-Wick-Dalmore Distillery-Loch Ness-Cairngorms

We did a lot today! We started off in Wick. We thought it would be pretty because it's such a famous town, and very touristy but nope, there was nothing there apart from this river. 

We then went to Dunrobin Castle. We didn't go in, it was over £10 to get in, and we wouldn't even be there long. We had to get to Alness before 1.30pm for the Dalmore tour.

We walked right around the castle just to get this view!

We had to drive past the Berriedale Braes. Which is basically full of hair pin bends!! 

We made it to the Dalmore distillery with 4 minutes to spare! It was okay. £8 per person for the tour. They were going through the quiet season, so they weren't brewing anything. We got to see all of the machinery etc and had a dram of Dalmore 12. 

We then went all the way to Loch Ness. We didn't stay long in Loch Ness. We went to Dores and found a good view of the Loch. 

We then travelled back up towards Aviemore and stopped there for our dinner. We went to Mackenzies Highland Inn. Service was a bit odd. Not sure if the waitress was new or just very strange. We arrived and were seated, then waited 5 minutes for a menu, then waited about 10 mins for a drinks order...she seemed quite out of place. 

Anyways, we got our food after a very long wait. But it was worth it. It was £8 for a burger. I had the pork and chorizo burger and David had the burger with bacon and haggis. They were great. The sides that came with it were so generous! 

Later on we decided to wild camp. My first time wild camping. It was scary. We found a spot just off the road. 

It was pretty cool, but scary. So many insects and spiders! Wah! 
Half way through the evening, a couple came and spoke to us through the tent. Basically warning us not to make a mess. 

I fell asleep quite early around 9.30/10ish. I slept until around 2am because there was a hooting owl. The owl was hooting so nicely but then all of a sudden it started screeching! Obviously it found some food. Then the sun started coming up around 4, and then the dogs and sheep started going around 5! 

I would wild camp again, but where parking is safe...we parked in an awkward spot, in a passing place basically. Cars would go zooming past, and there were no street lights.


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