Scotland Road Trip Day 8 15/07/2015


We left the campsite early, around 7am and stopped at Pitlochery. It's such a nice little town, with cute shops.

We stopped for breakfast. It was around 10.30 by then. I was starving so had a bacon and brie panini. It was decent but way overpriced at almost £7.

We then travelled to Stirling to Blairdrummond safari park! It was a scorching day, so the car was super hot, even with the a/c on. We weren't allowed to wind the windows down either going through the drive through safari. 
The monkey's were also off show which was a shame. Not sure how our car would have handled them though, probably would have broken to pieces. 

We saw camels basking in the sunshine. 

A seal showing off :]

Common Dwarf Mongooses! Yes it's mongooses and doesn't fit in with English grammar. They were so cute. Their relative the banded mongoose is my favourite. 

Some sort of idea what, I didn't read the sign. I was like a kid in a candy store. 

Otters! It's so nice seeing them. The Edinburgh zoo ones never come out!

Shetland Pony.

A very tired llama! 

Had to get some food. I was starting to get that horrible shaky feeling bleugh. 

We rode on the pedal boat :D! We spent a good three hours at the safari. It was good, but mostly aimed for kids. It was the summer season so it was PACKED! 

Anyways, we then went to see the site of the Battle of Bannockburn. It's where the English (King Edward's army)  came up to fight Scotland (Robert the Bruce's army) and lost. WOO. 
"O'flower of Scotland, when will we see your like again, that fought and died for, your wee bit hill and glen. and stood against him, proud Edwards army, and sent him homeward, tae think again!" I love the Scottish anthem! 

We then went to Stirling castle. By this point I was knackered! It was all up hill! 

Then we went to see the Falkirk Kelpies! 
Amazing sculptures! 

And then went to see the Falkirk Wheel! This contraption is awesome! 

Basically, the top is part of the canal. Boats "park" themselves at the end, and the wheel moves, and lowers them onto the canal below. Amazing! Kinda like a "lift". 

Anyways, after a long day, we went back to David's parents and basically did nothing! 


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