Scotland Road Trip. Last Day! 17/07/2015

Coatbridge-Burns Museum-Galloway Forest-Newton Stewart-Liddlesdale-Hadrians Wall-Newcastle

We stayed in Coatbridge for two nights. Then headed for Newcastle. 
But on the way to Newcastle we stopped off at a few places. It was probably the longest drive out of the whole holiday. 

Our first stop was the Burns Museum in Ayr. It's the place where Robbie Burns was born. There was a museum and the original cottage, including the bed where he was born in. Robbie Burns was a famous Scottish poet. He wrote the famous song "Auld Lang Syne" which is sung on New Years Eve/Day!

Dressing up! They had a part in the museum where you could dress up. Of course aimed for kids, I'm not far off being a big kid myself so had to take part. 

Mouse scupture. "To a Mouse!" The poem can be found here. I don't know many of his poems. I went to school in England so was never taught about Robbie Burns. Shame really! 

Hanging up my love message on the tree! :] 
My face is so dark from catching the sun at the safari park! 

The scary robes hanging above the bed where Robbie Burns was born in....creepy! 

We went through Galloway forest, it was such a long drive that I started to feel travel sick! The roads were really windy. 

We stopped in Newton Stewart. We definitely needed a stop. I was really hungry and started to feel sick. We went to a cafe and gobbled up some lunch. I felt sick still so couldn't eat most of it which was a shame. The cafe was really cute. The owner had a load of Starbuck cups on the shelves from different cities around the world. 

David then wanted to visit Liddlesdale, Newcastleton. It's on the Scottish Border. Apparently it's where the Crozier clan came from. They were border reivers. So thieves. They'd steal from England! Hahaha. I stayed in the car. I was feeling a bit rubbish still. 
He found two signs which mentioned his surname :]! 

We then visited a part of Hadrians wall :]! We arrived at closing time, but the lady let us in to look at the fort anyways which was nice of her! 

We then arrived in Newcastle around dinner time. We didn't do much then. Waited for my mum to turn up. 

And then our holiday was finished :]. We clocked around 1300 miles. Well done David for driving the whole thing! 


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