The Big Move

It's only 17 days until I fly out of the United Kingdom and make my way to the other side of the world! It's a little daunting. I have never lived outside of this country. I've barely traveled anywhere. The only places I have flown to is Portugal, Lanzarote and Dublin (Stornoway too a couple of times). I've also traveled by Megabus to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. 

My first long haul flight will be in 17 days, which is pretty scary. I don't like flying, I hate heights, and I hate planes. We are flying with Emirates, so hopefully they'll look after me. Please look after me!!! Our flight leaves around mid-day, 7 or so hours to Dubai where we have a 3 hour layover. Not too bad! Then it's another 7 hour flight until we land in Seoul.  The time difference in Korea will be completely the opposite, so jet lag will hit me really hard. I don't function well on little sleep. Little sleep + a different language will definitely stress me out. I'll most likely start saying that "I hate Korea" blah blah until my sleep pattern gets sorted. 

We're most likely going to stay in Seoul over night. Hopefully there will be somewhere cheap and decent to stay. We plan on bringing around 1 million won to start us off with (£500). We won't get paid until a month after we land I think, so it has to last us a wee while. Korea isn't too expensive, food can be quite cheap and so can some hotels. We could even stay in a 찜질방, Jjimjilbang, so a Korean style spa. We will then make our way to Gangneung by bus the next day or stay in Seoul for an extra day.

We will be in Korea 1 week before we have to go for training. It will give us time to settle in, learn some of the language, get used to the culture and of course, change our sleep patterns. We will then have 1 weeks training before we start teaching our own classes! Exciting!

This will be my last blog post until I get to Korea. Hopefully I will find somewhere to log on and update! I might be able to document my flight experience on the plane. Some Emirate flights have on board wifi! Hopefully my flight will! I'm even looking forward to plane food! I've never had it so it's going to be awesome!


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