Arriving in Gangneung

Our third day in Korea was tiring. I didn't sleep at all! It was so hard to fall asleep, jet lag is the worst. Our day started with a Korean breakfast. A Korean breakfast is completely different to the breakfast we have in the UK. It's the same as what you would eat for lunch or dinner. It fuels you up for the day, and really keeps you full for much longer. 

The breakfast was a buffet spread. The Korean lady was so nice, and wanted us to try everything. We did of course. Everything was so nice!

I went a little overboard. They had sweet french toast, various types of kimchi, oyster mushrooms. They had these crispy shrimp things and tiny dried fish which were my favourite. 

You also got a bowl of soup if you fancied. It was loaded with seaweed and tofu. 

Also some rice. I didn't take any of this rice as I'm not a fan of wild rice! 

We left the hotel around 10am. We found out where the city hall subway station was the day before. Thank god we did because I had a large suitcase, a huge camping bag full of stuff and a rucksack. Seoul subways are full of stairs too, it was a nightmare.

The subway ticket machines were easy to use. There was an option for English, and since we were going one distance, we just had to enter that destination name which was "Gangbyeon". It was pretty simple getting out of the station using the right exit too. The map said that the bus station was opposite exit 4, so we found it and many stairs later we got out and some old man with a begging box offered us directions so I shoved a few coins into his box. It's such a shame. Later on we saw him shooing some other lady away because she was in his section stealing his customers. 

After a good 3 hours on the bus, we made it to Gangneung! I slept pretty much the whole way, which probably did not help with my jet lag. We found a taxi and it was a bit of a shambles. I don't speak Korean and neither does David. The dude popped open his trunk then started yelling Korean at us. The guys in the queue managed to tell us that he wanted our bags in the car and not the boot. Strange. Embarrassing too!

Half way to the hotel, I managed to find free wifi and realised that Julie (our co worker) came to meet us at the station. I didn't know >-<! Sorry Julie!!!

The taxi driver didn't know the address we gave him either because the email only had English. Another nightmare. But eventually he recognised the name when we said "paradise motel". In Korean it's 파라다이스 모델 which literally translates to paradaisu motel, which he kept on repeating.

The motel was one of the cheapest in the area. It's a tourist town, so most hotels are pretty high in price compared to most places. It was roughly around 20GPB a night. It's a decent room, with a fridge filled with some drinks, a water cooler, flat screen TV, a balcony and high speed internet. 

Julie and her boyfriend came to meet us at the hotel shortly after check in and drove us to a street FULL of coffee shops! 

I got the caramel machiatto iced coffee. It was good, I can see myself drinking a lot of these whilst I'm here. She had to go back to school, so David and I walked around the beach area before heading back to the motel to chill. 

That night we went to the school that we are going to be teaching at. We met the boss and a lot of the staff who work there. It was nice meeting them. I'm a bit nervous to start now as it seems pretty tough! We went for food with Julie after. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the food we went for. Something galbi? Anyways, there was a bbq. 

Food arrived pretty quickly and filled the table. 

Everything here comes with the food you order. Most Korean restaurants do this which is pretty neat. 

The meat grilling! It was so delicious. The stuff in the metal is pig skin. Yummy! I enjoyed my meal and could eat it everyday. 

We ended up in a pub somewhere, and met two of the current teachers at the school we'll be at which was nice. 

As per, I got no sleep again. I managed to fall asleep at 11pm until 1am. It honestly felt like I was sleeping all night!!! I was wide awake and ended up keeping David up too so we drank a bit of whisky and watched some telly. I eventually fell asleep at 4ish, right through until 9! YAS! Sleep! I got sleep! Sadly, David didn't and was up all night... Oops! 

Love from Gangneung, 



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