First Night in Seoul

안녕! Hello! 
Our first night in Korea was immense. I loved it. Apart from the lack of sleep due to jetlag. 
Our hotel is pretty neat. The man behind the counter was so nice and spoke English to us. We booked into Daewoo Inn Hotel using and it was 78000원 for two nights which equates to around 39 GBP. So around 20GBP a night. It also includes breakfast each day.

The hotel room doors looked pretty strange, but are actually quite cool. The hotel room itself is pretty nice.
You have to take off your shoes before entering the room. It's custom in Asian countries to do this. I used to do this at my grandma's house as a kid. 

Nice plain decorations, air conditioning (we needed this after carrying around our heavy luggage in Korean heat!!). It's hard to sleep without it on. Korean's believe that you can get "fan death" from sleeping with the air conditioning on though! I think it's an urban legend but still quite scary when you read into it. 

So happy that it's not a squat toilet. I am so scared of those. I'm not sure I'll be able to use one ever...unless I'm about to wee myself. 

Walk in shower in the bathroom too. It's a wet room, which is pretty common in Korea. Lovely shower! We jumped in it as soon as we got in. 

David and I were starving, so headed out for our first authentic Korean cuisine. We walked along many tanks with weird fish in them. I'm not sure of the species, but they're pretty fat. I think you can pick a fish and get the to prepare it. They look similar to fugu/pufferfish.

We opted for Korean BBQ. It's a must for your first meal in Korea. Especially when you haven't had authentic BBQ before! The UK is pretty rubbish, their meat is too think and too fatty! 

The first one we came across was Korea's No.1 Pork Restaurant! If they say it's good, it must be right? It had a Korean name, I don't remember it though. There are a lot of Korean BBQ places which serve the same type of food, so it's easy just to walk into one. 

The staff all speak Korean and little English, but accommodated us quite well. We basically picked their recommended choice on the menu which was 불고기 (Bulgogi). It was 8000원per portion, so we ordered two, a rice, two huge bottle of Cass for David and a Cola for yours truly. 

The BBQ itself is built into the table. The lady came along with a bucket of hot coats and placed it underneath this metal grill. 

The bulgogi cooking. The meat is sliced so thinly. In the UK the cuts of meat used isn't this thin, They use really think cuts of meat for some reason. The lady kept coming back to turn the meat for us, but I think you can do it yourself too.

Free sides! This was some sort of shredded cabbage kimchi. Delicious, and a little bit spicy. My favorite of the lot. 

A cold soup. I didn't like this though. It tasted very strange. 

Kimchi! Oh man, I love kimchi! 

The lettuce leaves they use to wrap around the meat! There's a range of leaves, my favorite was the perilla leaves. 

All of these sides get replaced as soon as you finish them during your meal for free. Once you tell them you're done with the meal they stop replenishing the sides. 

It was an amazing first meal. I was a little apprehensive when we went in, but it all went well in the end. I managed to get a 감사합니다 (Kamsamnida) in too. 
Overall this whole meal costed 27,000원, so around 13.50GBP. In the UK, it'd be at least 40GBP, with less beer. 

We went to our beds full that night. It was only 10pm when we decided to sleep. I slept straight away for about 2 1/2 hours. Slept again until 3am, and stayed awake from 3am until breakfast. 

It definitely was a stressing night's sleep. I love my sleep, so when I can't sleep it really makes me sad. Hopefully it'll all even out soon! 

Love from Seoul,



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