Good Friends and Daegwellong sheep Farm

On Saturday we went out for lunch with Julie and her boyfriend. It's her favourite restaurant so it must be good! I loved it. There was so much food. It's the type of restaurant where you have to take your shoes off before entering. You sit on the floor with a little pillow. I think some of the dining areas can be made private too. You just close the screen. 

Here are four hungry people! 

So much food! We turned up and they brought us this. I think it's a set thing you get. So everyone gets the same. But I'm not too sure. It's 10,000 원 per person. We didn't eat it all, there was way too much! The food was really good, I'm so glad Julie introduced us to this place. Julie and her boyfriend have been so welcoming, and are such wonderful people! 

This radish amused me. It's pretty cute! 

We then went to Daegwellong sheep Farm! I saw a bunch of kids with this yellow thing. It's a cone filled with ice cream. The cone is in the shape of a "snake" and it's not made like the cones in the UK. Almost corn like. 

I chose chocolate. It was kinda like a nutella flavour! 

You could walk right up to the top of the hill and see the sheep in the field, but it was roasting, and were super lazy. So we just opted to feed the sheep hay. 

David's getting all the attention from the sheep! 

A pretty awesome selfie if I do say so myself. 

We get a lot of sheep in Scotland anyways, but they're not as same as these. Also they're smaller in Scotland. These ones kinda look like llamas/alpacas. 

After all the food we had and the sheep petting, we discovered Emart! It's HUGE! It's like a Tesco Extra but triple the size. There were three floors, and it's kinda overwhelming. We tried finding tshirts for David, but Korean sizes are tiny! Even I wouldn't fit into a Korean men's medium! 

We'll venture into more of Gangneung once we have settled and moved into our apartment. Right now we are motel hopping. We stayed in Paradais Motel for a week, and we are going to move to a motel that's closer to the school until it's time to move into the apartment. 

Our sleep patterns are still a bit messed up. I find myself sleeping one day but not the next. Sometimes I fall asleep early but wake up a couple hours later. Hopefully when we have stopped moving about, our patterns will settle. 

'till next time, 


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