Home. It's where the story begins!

No more motels for us!!! For the past two weeks, we have lived in three motels. Daewoo Motel in Seoul when we first arrived. It was £40 for two nights, and it included breakfast.
It was a decent hotel room too, located in the centre of Seoul. 

Then we stayed around 10 days at Paradais Motel which was around £200, so £20 per night. 
It was such a lovely motel. It was located right at the beach, and we had a balcony!! I really loved this motel. It had a nice walk in wet room, with a powerful shower. 

We then moved to Motel White which is closer to the hagwon we will be working at. The hagwon paid for our stay here, which was 5 days. I don't have photo's but it was similar to the first room, but not as pretty. It was like a caravan, where the walls weren't real walls but placed on top of a real wall. Hard to explain, but it felt like that, especially in the shower. 

On our first night in Motel white, we arrived home late in the evening to the hallway flooded! I thought it was the rain, because there was torrential rain that night. But it was coming out of someone's room, you could hear the splashes of water as it hit the floor. They must have left the tap running in the bath and fell asleep. 

 We eventually moved into our apartment. It's pretty damn nice! English teachers in Korea get their apartment rent free, or at least most of them do. Most are tiny too, so a small room, with a small kitchen and bathroom. David and I are pretty lucky! We have a two bedroom apartment with a decent sized kitchen, an outer bit for the washing machine and a bathroom. The locks are pretty cool, all electronic. You enter the code and it opens for you. You shut the door and it locks for you. 

The kitchen, so as soon as you walk through the door. Spacious! Hobs only, no oven. But you can cook a lot on just a hob....bolognese mmm!

The bathroom/wetroom. Most bathrooms in Korea are like this. I really do miss having a bath even though I hardly take baths. I guess you can clean the bathroom as you shower...kill two birds with one stone hahaha. 

The second bedroom. Lots of storage for clothes. There's no air conditioning in this room, so we'll need to get a fan, and a dehumidifier. The clothes stored in here will get mouldy very quickly if we don't. 

The main bedroom! 

The other side of the main bedroom. With the outer bit for the washing machine. 

I really like this place. Hopefully it will feel like home soon. I want to make it really cosy, maybe buy some beanbags for the second room to make it into a chill out/study area. 

Here are some random pictures...I like taking photo's of everything so now and again I'll just post them :]! 

Food! I don't know the name yet. I love Korean BBQ! It's such an amazing way to dine. 

Haemul Pajeon. So seafood pancake. We walked into a random restaurant and couldn't understand the menu. The lady was nice and suggested Haemul Pajeon, which we recognised as it's one of David's favourite! Really tasty. 

The staff at Avalon said bye to a really amazing teacher this week too! He's been at the school for a long time. 

We had gamjatang too. This is absolutely amazing. Basically it's pork bone soup. If you're with a lot of people, you can basically order a HUGE one to share. We opted for the individual ones, and it was bloody awesome. Really good hangover food too! 

 This is Nash. Our work colleague and neighbour. He's such a lovely person, and has helped us a lot since we arrived! 

 Nash introduced us to a few more foreigners in Gangneung. (Sounds awful calling us foreigners!)! They were really nice people :]! We're looking forward to building friendships with them, and with many others too! 

So that's it for now ^-^

Love from Gangneung, 


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