Korean Currency

I've been trying to teach myself Korean numbers and currency lately. I can almost read the Korean alphabet off by heart, but still struggle with some of the vowels. But I've decided to focus on the currency for now. The currency in Korea is completely different to that of the UK, USA, Europe. Our currency is pretty simple compared to the won. For example, a pair of Adidas sport socks are 8900원(won), which is equivalent to around £4.45. A 6 pack of 2L water is 5460원 which is equivalent to £2.70. Obviously it depends on what the exchange rate is, but the usual rule is half the number and take of the three zeros. So, 10,000원 is around £5. 

As you can see, it is going to be difficult getting my head around all the numbers. Converting it into pounds to see if it's worth the price etc. Also, it'll be hard when paying for things, as I'll have no clue what the cashier will be asking me! That and working out the correct change. No doubt I'll get scammed everytime! 

Koreans have three different number systems! Sino-Korean, Native Korean and Ordinal. So with currency, we use Sino-Korean. It is also used for things like the date, phone numbers and addresses. Native Korean is used for counting the number of items from 1-99 or using it for age. 

I have so far memorised my numbers up to 100, it's quite simple once you learn the basic 1-10 which is: 
1: il 2. i 3. sam 4. sa 5. o 6. yuk 7. ch'il 8. p'al 9. ku 10. ship

11. is ship-il 
20. i-ship
30. sam-ship
35. sam-ship-o

and so on...it gets a bit harder the higher you go...! Especially for numbers which aren't so "rounded" like 1253, which will be  ch'on-i-beak-o-ship-sam! 

Hopefully in time it will be like second nature! 


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